Hall berry commented on his divorce

Onward and upward! Hollywood actress Hall berry is experiencing not the best period. Celebrity for the third time in my life divorce, and a few improves mood. Despite the divorce from Olivier Martinez, the actress came out and even gave an interview about difficult times in their lives.

“I’m fine, honestly. I’m optimistic and happy to be here, because every time you experience something unpleasant in life, it is very difficult to go from a state of stupor and distracted by something else. For me this is the best way to exit this situation,” admitted Hall.
Recall that the rumors about the breakup of berry and Martinez went a long time. The reason for parting was allegedly temper Olivier, who really didn’t like the Lobby. He could not cope with his anger and refused therapy. But every time these rumors turned out to be another “duck”. With the divorce at all and there was a comic situation.
Making a formal Declaration, berry was forced to file for divorce again. For the first time, as it turned out, she filed papers under an assumed name Maria Hel. It also distorted the names of Olivier and their son, Maceo. The judge might consider such documents invalid, and the star had to re-submit them.
A source close to spouses, claims that run wild deep in the maelstrom not only Olivier – a lot of them and at the Lobby. Exactly the same temperament and unwillingness to concede another caused our divorce.
“Their marriage was more like the competition. The divorce was only a matter of time. It would be better for both of them,” said the insider.

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