Golden dress Mariah Carey reuniting with ex Nick cannon

Золотое платье Мэрайи Кэри воссоединение с бывшим Ником Кэнноном

Золотое платье Мэрайи Кэри воссоединение с бывшим Ником Кэнноном

Mariah Carey and her ex-husband Nick cannon was smiling in front of the camera in Thanksgiving when we celebrated it together with their twins Monroe and Moroccan, family and friends.

49-year-old Mariah Carey has reunited with her ex-husband Nick cannon, 39 years old, on Thanksgiving, when they celebrated this holiday with their 8-year-old twins, Monroe and Marakkanam. On November 28, the singer performed the hit “All I Want for Christmas” shared a series of photos to Instagram taken during the festival, proving that she had a huge, lavish celebration with your loved ones. Mariah was dressed in a stunning slinky gold sequined dress with a plunging neckline. On one of these images Mariah smiled sweetly, posing with her dance partner Beau, Bryan Tanaka, 36 years.

Золотое платье Мэрайи Кэри воссоединение с бывшим Ником Кэнноном

“Happy thanksgiving! I am grateful for all the blessings in my life,” the singer signed her post in Instagram. It is unclear exactly where the celebration took place, but in one picture Mariah and a friend stood at the head of a very long dining table.
This is not the first time Nick and Mariah are reunited to celebrate the holidays or big events as a family with their twins. In April they arranged a joint party in honor of the eighth birthday of Monroe and Maroccana and proudly posted pictures on their Instagram accounts. And, despite the fact that they were divorced in 2016, they still came together on the red carpet with the twins at such an event like “kids”.

Nick spoke with pride about his relationship with his parents repeatedly. “I think we better become good parents to our children,” he said in an exclusive interview in October. “We put your children first. And there is nothing wrong. It works very well”. Speaking about his eight-year marriage to Mariah, he also said, “I’ll never get married again because the marriage, in which I was the only one for me. Since I won’t be able to love someone one as much as I loved Mariah. No one can beat her.
As for his ex-wife, starting with Thanksgiving, it is officially the season of Mariah. As the favorite holiday of the season – Christmas. And before he left just a few weeks. In “Black Friday” she went to Instagram to advertise a 25-year Deluxe edition of their classic album “Merry Christmas”, which was first released in November 1994. As noted by one of the fans — the musician, Dadan Lopez, in the comments section “Mariah Carey is my favorite holiday.”

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