Glyuk’oza showed cheap funds in the beautician

The star dispelled the myth that uses only expensive cosmetics.

In late summer the singer has created her own beauty blog. “In recent years, the number of questions of fans on the theme of beauty is through the roof, so one fine day I decided to start my beauty blog, where I share with you all secrets about beauty, all news and all over the girl. The idea of this came very naturally because I’m constantly around new cosmetics, which tell friends-make-up artists…” – shared his joy with his fans Natalia.

“Today for example I will prove that makeup does not have to be expensive! In my makeup bag and in the wardrobe, naturally combines luxury and democratic brands. The only criterion by which I choose the makeup – its quality. And quality cosmetics you can always find brands and mass market.

Today I will do your makeup using only inexpensive tools. For comparison I have an equivalent for the names of makeup, which cost only a few thousand, including brushes… And remember: no matter how much is your lipstick! It is important that the lips that you will cause, blurred in a happy smile. By the way, the ink, which I used in high school, still is my favorite,” he shared with her subscribers star.

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