Globa: “DiCaprio prevented receive “Oscar” the Russian roots”

Глоба: «Ди Каприо мешали получить «Оскар» русские корни»Famous Russian astrologer Pavel Globa explained why Leonardo for many years remained without a coveted statuette.

Five times DiCaprio was nominated for “Oscar” and contrary to the expectations of the fans wasn’t awarded the prize. The whole world is puzzled over the question “why?”.

The movies “What’s eating Gilbert Grape,” “Aviator”, “blood diamond”, “the Wolf of wall street”, where Leo not only played but also acted as producer, were worthy of awards. But the jury decided otherwise… And it is possible that the cause is not flaws DiCaprio as an actor but his Russian roots, which the Beau always says with pride!

At least, the famous Russian astrologer Pavel Globa believes that this was the cause of five failures at the Oscars.

“He said publicly that his grandmother is Russian, even some ancestors from Russia. Probably Russophobic lobby”, – quotes the words Globa Rambler.

Recall that the actor’s mother Irmelin Indenbirken was born in the family of a German by Wilhelm Indenbirken and Russian emigrant Helena stepanivny Smirnova. Leo has never hidden this fact, but, on the contrary, with pleasure told about his family and always spoke with warmth about Russia. Perhaps the astrologer of domestic rights, the more so in recent years to dislike the Russians became fashionable.

But last night a miracle happened – DiCaprio received the award in the nomination “Best male role” for the film “Survivors”. We can assume that the opinion of the West has changed!

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