General Director of “Dnepr” detained for drunken driving

Генерального директора «Днепра» задержали за пьяную езду

Dnipropetrovsk police stopped a Toyota Camry, at the wheel which was Andrey Stetsenko, is the General Director of FC “Dnipro”, according to As it turned out, the man drove a car, being in an alcohol intoxication. At the request of law enforcement, the breathalyzer showed a 0.97 ppm in that time, the permissible amount of alcohol in blood must not exceed 0.2 ppm. Patrol made an administrative Protocol.

Stetsenko confirmed this information and said that his blood really discovered alcohol. Currently football club from Dnipropetrovsk is experiencing not the best times. 2015/2016 Dnipro finished in 3rd place, but because of the backlog in front of former members of the debt team was not allowed to participate in the competition. Recently, the Internet appeared information about the termination of existence of the club because of lack of funding, but it was soon refuted by the club’s owner Igor Kolomoisky, who accused the football Federation of Ukraine in the dissemination of false information. It is also reported that the new season can start for Dnipro with minus 18 points. The reason for this punishment is connected with fulfillment of obligations to the coaching staff, former coach of Dnipro Juande Ramos.

If the club fails to agree with the Spanish coaches and the sanctions will take effect, minus 18 points and a ban on transfers seem to be a negative impact on the psychology of young players. In addition, because of this, the team risks to depart from the Premier League at the end of the season. Dmitry Mikhailenko, being the acting head coach of “Dnepr” told what are the tasks of the team for the new season. He admits that in view of the likely points deduction, the destiny of the team is to survive. The opinion of the heads coincides with the point of view Mikhailenko. On July 9 the team will leave for the training camp in Holland, which will last for 12 days. It is also planned to hold several friendlies against good teams.


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