Friend Pugacheva sided Shepeleva in the scandal of father Friske

To ensure you can see the grandson, the father of Zhanna Friske appealed for help not only in various instances, but also to the employees of the media. Vladimir Borisovich is a frequent guest on talk shows, where requests and even demands from Dmitry Shepelev wisen up and go for reconciliation.

While Friske shines on TV, would prefer not to communicate with the media and tries not to comment on this situation. In connection with the conflict, the star party was divided into two camps “for” and “against” one another.

Last week Vladimir Borisovich became the guest of the program Boris Korchevnikov where told that Dmitry is not only is to see Plato, but also squandered some money that was intended for the treatment of Jeanne, the purchase and home improvement.

Music producer Evgeny Fridlyand, being under the influence of the controversial program, wrote in his page in the microblog post, which sided Shepeleva, protecting him from unfair attacks: “I Agree, needs grandpa and grandma to see her grandson, but such cases are not solved in ether, and in court. I remember when he arranged a telethon. And it was not an initiative Shepeleva. And he even asked less publicity, to give them the opportunity to be with their grief in solitude and silence. And by the way, those 20 million rubles were actually spent on treatment, but no money for their families — Jeanne for many years made very good money! And all the fuss today because of the impact on the child as the owner of the inheritance”.

The same position is held by a close friend Pugacheva Alla Alina Redel. “I fully agree. Papa wants Jeanne to continue to communicate with her grandson and his father after all THIS!!!”, — the woman was indignant in the social network.

Recall that Jeanne”s father wants a DNA test to establish the real father of Plato.


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