Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya — biography, photos, personal life

Евгения Добровольская — биография, фотографии, личная жизнь

Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya was born in Moscow in 1964. Studied in GITIS Studio of famous cinematic couples — Kolosov-Kasatkina.

Евгения Добровольская — биография, фотографии, личная жизнь

Lyudmila Kasatkina was very surprised when a favorite student, which in parallel studies were successful in the cinema, told her about her pregnancy.

Евгения Добровольская — биография, фотографии, личная жизнь

Friends and teachers tried to dissuade her from a responsible step, but Eugene decided to have the baby’s Father was Vyacheslav Baranov is a partner in the film “the Cage for Canaries”. Her husband Vyacheslav did not become. Married Eugene was released after 5 years for a famous ladies ‘ man is talented and already then famous actor Mikhail Efremov, with whom she had another son — Nicholas.

Евгения Добровольская — биография, фотографии, личная жизнь

Shortly after the birth of a son, their marriage is fractured and Dobrovolskaya broke up with Ephraim. At that time she was 32, her life is not spoiled, the apartment was not, the salary in the theatre, small roles in movies is not offered. In the early 2000s, the actress began to actively invite to the movies, and just life began to improve as she became pregnant for the third time.

The name of the father of the child she’s not making public. It is known that the father of the third son John married another woman. A desperate woman and a great optimist raises the children by herself. Theatre in Moscow there are rumors that Eugene is pregnant again. This time her choice is far from the theatre world, and under Eugenia for 10 years.

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