Encroached on the sacred: they found a new johnny for a Dirty dancing!

Покусились на святое: они нашли нового Джонни для «Грязных танцев»!TV channel ABC has decided to withdraw its version of the cult film of 1987.

We’re in perturbation! No, it is clear that in Hollywood a good crisis scenarios and the remakes. But to encroach on the sacred! Dirty dancing in the 80s was shot with a minimal budget, especially not relying on the success of the film. And it became a big hit. The final dance johnny and Baby are still learning in the dance class. It’s a classic, surpass that swung the ABC.

Only the producers didn’t take into account little details: this great movie did the actors. Jennifer grey plays the daughter of an intellectual-a doctor, his aquiline nose and a MOP of curls captivated fans so much that for her last year in the American “dancing with the stars” voted a record number of viewers. By the way, she then won.

And Patrick Swayze? Thereís nothing to comment here. And now for the role of baby in the remake of the adopted Abigail Breslin, not too known for the films “Little miss sunshine”, “Welcome to Zombieland” and the TV series “scream Queen”.

Johnny will play the Colt Prattes is a professional dancer who appears on the screen for the first time.

Worst of all, the new “Dirty dancing”, most likely, we are already more intricate footwork, more evil the Director of the sanatorium, more twisted intrigue (who in our time will amaze the abortion?) and more vulgar movements of the dance. So to speak, in order to modernize the picture. But the film’s not about that. Not even about dancing. It is about the fact that good always wins. I wish this time it also won the film in the end did not take place.

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