Elena Bushina — biography, photos

Елена Бушина — биография, фотографии

One of the most controversial participants of the project “Dom-2” Elena Bushina originally from Yekaterinburg 18.06.1986 g. Since childhood, Elena was not obedient: everything was broken, for a long time was missing from the house, spoil my mother’s French cosmetics, her beautiful dolls.

Елена Бушина — биография, фотографии

She believes that burns his life, left the Institute on 3 course, going away with another lover, was fond of tennis and doing yoga.

Елена Бушина — биография, фотографии

Fame came to her when she got on the TV show “Dom-2”, she was familiar with the participant Stepan Menshikova and she wanted to see from the inside how we make this body of the project.

Once on the screen, Elena showed himself as a brawler, but describes herself as a person with a big heart is not capable of treachery and hypocrisy, and it is hidden under the mask of a bitch, because in life it is often betrayed. On the project she broke novel with Semyon Frolov. It is for creative people and it seemed to her that he could see into her soul. Soon their relationship ended.

Елена Бушина — биография, фотографии

Elena was in a long depression, but later plunged headlong into the work in the group “Istra witches”. She was difficult because she had no sense of rhythm, so born about new scandals with members of the band. Further outside the perimeter she met with businessman Dmitry Zheleznyak, so rarely appeared on the air.

Relationship with him, she describes him more as family than as passionate. A lot of the time they spent together, and never had socialy on each other.

In the fall of 2009 Busine finally declared himself a bride, but to leave the project was not going, explaining that he wants to build his solo career, so the wedding was postponed until not become aware of Lena’s pregnancy.

In early 2010 they married, and was born August 4, son mark.

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