Dustin Hoffman came to the Oscar because of racism

Дастин Хофман не пришёл на «Оскар» из-за расизма

88 the awards ceremony of the Academy showed who joined the boycott of the “white Oscar” for the company, and who expressed their principled position. So, the two-time winner of the Golden statues of Hollywood actor Dustin Hoffman this year left without their participation of the famous event.

The artist declares that racism in Hollywood has taken a systematic character, and the problem of unequal racial manifested even in the ceremony of awarding the Academy awards.
Hoffman admitted that this year not only came to the Dolby theatre in Los Angeles, but not even I watched the online stream.
“I went to a Knicks game and saw his friend spike Lee. He was dressed for the red carpet “Oscar”, but as I came to the Knicks game,” said Dustin edition of the Associated Press.
Lee actually appeared in the game at Madison Square garden in strange for attire – the black tuxedo. The actors were also joined by comedian Tracy Morgan, who traded a glamorous event in sports.
Recall that for the second consecutive year in nominees on “Oscar” did not get a single black actor.
“Well, it has always been. This is nothing new, and I share the surprise of Chris Rock: “Why is it only noticed it this year?”” said Dustin, commenting on the speech of Chris at the opening ceremony, in which the Rock said that black artists did not get nominated 71 times 88. By the way, the jokes of the comedian, an African American, who was also trying to boycott the ceremony, this year was particularly grim (one might even say, black).
“Racism has never left, “Oscar.” It is like the reflection of the state of Affairs of our country. Change will only come when the people themselves want to change,” he concluded.

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