Died known Soviet composer Andrei Eshpai

Умер известный советский композитор Андрей Эшпай

Today was not the famous Soviet composer Andrei Eshpai, informs

The musician was 90 years old.

The death of Andrei Yakovlevich confirmed by his son.

As is known, the cause of death was a sudden stroke.

The composer died in hospital.

According to his son Andrei Eshpai, today he had to see him, but in the morning he suffered a massive stroke.

There is evidence that from January 15, Andrey Yakovlevich was seriously ill and almost never left the hospital.

For all of us Andrei Eshpai will forever remain legendary composer, thanks to which we have many famous hits that were, are and will always be popular.

The most famous of his songs: “is it snowing”, “You’re the only one in my life”, “song of the Motherland”, “Ah, Odessa Moya”.

His hits performed by such famous singers as mark Bernes, Maya Kristalinskaya, Leonid Utesov, and many others.

When and where will take place the farewell ceremony for the legendary composer is not yet known.

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