DiCaprio was forbidden to talk to him about the Oscars. And we understand it

Ди Каприо запретил говорить с ним об «Оскаре». И мы его понимаемAre you still wondering if Leo (after five unsuccessful attempts!) long-awaited statue of kinteroni? Our editorial staff is, frankly, already tired to discuss this topic. As an actor and even more so…

Recently DiCaprio has asked his agent to warn all the journalists not to ask him about the Oscars and not to discuss with him this topic. That’s understandable. As played you, hearing the same question a hundred times a day? So Leo could not resist…

Discuss DiCaprio and compare it with other actors-nominees began immediately after the premiere of “Survivor”. First, all placed bets on whether Leo is nominated in the category “Best actor” and now wondering whether he will get the coveted statuette. While opinions are divided.

Some say that the sixth failure at the Oscars the actor should not be. Leo deserved the award like no other. But the most ardent fans and is threatening not to watch the ceremony, if their idol will leave with nothing.

There is also the opposite position. Some critics argue that win DiCaprio is not needed. After numerous Internet memes and the waves of indignation figurine will be like the one.

In General, it is better to wait for the ceremony and all to see. That’ll be that. We Leo’s love and to “Oscar” without it. Besides, wait a bit. The event will take place this Saturday, February 28!

Along with DiCaprio in the category “Best male role”, as we will fight Matt Damon (“Martian”), Bryan Cranston (“TRUMBO”), Michael Fassbender (“Steve jobs”), Eddie Redmayne (“the Girl from Denmark”).

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