Cindy Crawford is 50 years old

Синди Кроуфорд исполняется 50 лет

Today, the famous model Cindy Crawford is turning 50 years old, informs

Hardly anyone will be able to give her an age because she looks very fresh and young.

Modeling career, forcing Cindy to look after themselves, so she looks much younger than his age.

Recently, the network got the celebrity who got “the bait” photospin.

Beauty captured by paparazzi on the beach with her husband Rand Gerbera.

The photo shows a slim and trim figure, Cindy Crawford.

Attentive fans noticed that the rest of the model was completely without makeup, which is absolutely not worsened by her looks.

A healthy lifestyle and the ability to always look respectable contribute to the fact that Cindy can afford to go without makeup and look amazing in.

In his 50 Crawford proves to everyone that she doesn’t feel old, and will continue to delight the audience with their beauty and grace.

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