Cindy Crawford — biography, photos

Синди Кроуфорд — биография, фотографии

First love affair Cindy was Randy Gerber, whom she met in 1983 at the fashion show of swimwear in new York.

Синди Кроуфорд — биография, фотографии

He was her first intimate partner with whom the relationship did not last long, because she left him for a famous photographer Victor Skrebneski. With his help, Cindy became a world famous model.

However, Crawford doesn’t forget his former boyfriend and periodically supplies him with money. Randy is finishing Harvard business school and opens her own nightclub – “Syndirella”, in honor of Cindy Crawford.

It is in the home gerbera Cindy first met her future husband, Richard Gere. The supermodel emerged from the bathroom, having covered a little towel when I saw gir, and the towel fell.

In December 1991, they played a modest wedding without gorgeous dresses, expensive rings and feast. In the same year, Cindy was suspected in lesbianism with Chris Turlington, however, this fact is vehemently refuted by the spouses. After 4 years of their first marriage broke up.

The famous supermodel has also been credited with the novels Gojam Clooney, John Enos III, Don Johnson, Robert de Niro and Val Kilmer.

In may 1998, Cindy married Randy Gerber. Second wedding in her life was spent in the Bahamas Paradise. They had two children: Presley Walker (July 2, born in 1999) and Kaia Jordan (September 3, 2001 year of birth), — which supermodel gave birth at home.

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