Cher struck on the spot by the song “The Beat Goes On” in a colorful outfit

Шер сразила наповал исполнением хита «The Beat Goes On» в красочном наряде

Шер сразила наповал исполнением хита «The Beat Goes On» в красочном наряде

Whenever cher appears in public, she always dazzles. The music icon again filled the hearts of their fans the perfect performance of their hit single “The Beat Goes On”, with all this and she looked just amazing.

Cher graced us with their presence the finale of the 28th season of “Dancing with the stars”, which is very pleased of her fans and viewers of this show. Legendary singer and actress was struck by a performance of his classic hit “The Beat Goes On”. 73 cher can still do it on the highest level and this is not surprising, therefore she is one of the best. Coming on the scene cher, immediately became its mistress, and all could not take from her their views throughout the performance. The whole stage was decorated with 70-ies. She took us back in time!

Шер сразила наповал исполнением хита «The Beat Goes On» в красочном наряде

As usual, the outfit that chose cher for the performance on DWTS was grandiose and spectacular. Fashion icon shone in multi-colored outfit that sparkled from head to toe. Cher costume consisted of flared pants, blouses with long sleeves. This ensemble was designed in multiple shades of pink and raspberry tones. Exceptions are made only fluffy vest blue. Complement her look with a black leather belt with an oversized buckle and a lot of jewelry. On each finger Sher was a variety of rings with stones on the neck was a long chain with a pendant of her birthstone. Her whole image was incredibly attractive. Cher’s hair was laid, her classic straight black strands. Her fans loved her performance and it was nice to see cher on DWTS. It is worth mentioning that in 2013 she was a guest judge on the show.

Back in September 2019 cher came on stage during the finale of American’s Got Talent show to play “Waterloo”. Cher looked incredibly stylish in a purple jumpsuit. For this view, cher had platinum blonde hair, stacked in massive curls. She looked like a goddess disco 70s!
Cher is currently in the center of North America, where her tour Here We Go Again. She will be staying throughout the United States and Canada. The tour will last until 2020. The final performance of her tour scheduled for may 6, 2020 in Sacramento, California. Cher may be 73, but she’s not slowing down anytime soon. In the end, she’s cher!

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