Chaliapin married on the birthday Pugacheva

Шаляпин женится в день рождения ПугачевойProkhorov and Anna have already submitted an application to the Registrar, will couple to the altar?

Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikova can claim the title of most eccentric pairs of our show-business. They are all over the country are fighting, why the rapid put up – you never know what pair will happen tomorrow.

On New year’s eve Prokhorov and Anna parted, taking a temporary time-out in relationships, and in mid-January they reconciled. So much so that Prokhor again asked Kalashnikov to become his wife.

The other day young men went in Kutuzovsky the registry office to apply. The Anna dress was white, and Prochorus wearing a classic suit. It seemed that they were planning to get married this very day.

“I did not know that in a registry office we will go. Prokhorov said that there will be a photo shoot on the street,” explained Woman’s Day choosing their outfit Anna – I have long thought, what dress to wear – red or white? Then I decided, second, because it will nicely blend in with the white snow… and the mood was such. Visible, felt something. After the photo session on the way home we stopped at the registry office. Prokhor said, “you Have your passport with you? Then let’s go.” I don’t know, romantic or not, but the emotions were indescribable”.

Apparently, in the couple’s relationship there came a temporary calm. To the delight of their fans and the son, who in March turns a year old. Love the wedding scheduled for April 15.

“The date was chosen spontaneously. We originally wanted it the 15th, we like this number, – Anna told. – March 15 turns a year old our son is and unfortunately, this day will be 40 days after the departure of our with Prokhor close friend. So we decided to reschedule for April. And then a registry office employee said: “you are Able to choose the date, asto birthday of Alla Pugacheva”. I’m sure everything will be fine, I thought”.

Oh, if only I had not fought during those six weeks…

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