Boris Buryatse biography, photos

Борис Буряце биография, фотографии

Boris Buryatse from a family of Gypsy barons, a famous actor of the Gypsy band “Romen.

It was almost 2 times younger than his beloved Galina, he was very handsome, tall, rich – he wore thick gold chains, silk shirts with sewn-in jewels, in a velvet coat. Boris Buryatse Roma, the famous lover of Galina Brezhneva, daughter of the General Secretary.

On each finger he wore a diamond rings, and even ankle, they say, it was a Golden bracelet. The daughter of the Secretary General gave his posh apartment in Moscow with Antiques and icons. Gave abrupt “Mercedes”. Under the patronage of Galina Brezhnev Boris Buryatse took a soloist in the Bolshoi theatre, although he never sang a single game. Boris Buryatse in the criminal world was considered to be an influential person, as was speculation of jewelry.

In 1982 Boris Buryatse was involved in one of the biggest thefts of diamonds in the Soviet Union. He was accused of complicity in the theft of the famous diamonds of the trainer Irina Bugrimova and the widow of Alexey Tolstoy.

It was believed that he was a gunner. Boris Buryatse for speculation and theft got 7 years in the camps.

It is believed that he died in prison, but there is evidence that he still lived long after “death”.

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