Barbara Brylska was 75 years old

Барбаре Брыльской исполнилось 75 лет

Two days ago, the Polish actress Barbara Brylska was 75 years old, informs

Brylska known to many for her role in the legendary new year film “Irony of fate or With light steam!”.

In an interview the actress said that on the day of birth gave her a watch and books.

And one friend gave Barbara a beautiful Chinese robe.

His 75th birthday, the celebrity decided not to mention noisy.

And indeed she believes that at her age, this is meaningless.

Their close friends she gathered at his dacha, where we ordered a lot of delicious dishes.

A famous actress admitted that she has two dates of birth.

Real – may 29, and official 5 June.

As it turned out, Barbara Brylska was born during the German occupation, and her mother just did not have time to register it at the right time.

So the Germans did not fined her for it, she decided to rejuvenate her daughter for a week.

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