Artur Makarov — the husband of Zhanna Prokhorenko

Артур Макаров — муж Жанны Прохоренко

October 3, 2011 marked the 16th anniversary of the murder that is not solved until now.

Dead — Artur Makarov, was known in wider circles as the husband of the famous actress Zhanna Prokhorenko. But Arthur was so extraordinary a person, that his life could serve as the plot for several novels.

To begin with, he was the adopted son of Director Sergei Gerasimov and actress Tamara Makarova. He had a close friendship with Andrei Tarkovsky, Vasily Shukshin, Vladimir Vysotsky. He sheltered in his apartment unknown, then Ilya Glazunov. He allowed himself to live with Zhanna Prokhorenko did not obtain an official divorce from wife Lyudmila.

Arthur was a great writer, although having got into disgrace with Solzhenitsyn, almost was not published. He wrote the screenplays for two dozen movies. In addition he was an avid hunter, he killed eleven bears. His collection of knives admired. It is worth noting that according to one version of the investigation that it was the cause of the murder.

After the collapse of the USSR Artur Makarov away from creative activities, with a head having gone to business. Often not only legal. He with associates organized the cut diamonds, and surpassed in quality South African diamonds. Did not hesitate to manufacture “counterfeit” vodka. Possible reasons for his death lie here.

The answer to this question is not found till now.

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