Anna Zavorotnyuk terrified skinny legs

Анна Заворотнюк ужаснула костлявыми ногами

Daughter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Anna never ceases to shock the audience too thin, informs

Despite the fact that fans of Anna many times begged her to stop losing weight, she strongly continued to improve themselves, resorting to various diets.

As you know, now 19-year-old Anna Zavorotnyuk is on vacation in Los Angeles.

She intends to get an education producer in the United States.

Today she has posted a few photos from vacation in Los Angeles.

Анна Заворотнюк ужаснула костлявыми ногами

Анна Заворотнюк ужаснула костлявыми ногами

On one photo she poses on the roof of the building in a short mini, showing off bony legs, and on the other side admiring the ocean.

Fans Zavorotnyuk were again shocked by her unnatural thinness.

“Too skinny”, “Feet-bony”, “Awful skinny,” wrote admirers Anna Zavorotnyuk.

By the way, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk intends to give her daughter higher education in America, despite the huge debt that hangs over it.

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