Ani Lorak commented on the crash of Russian airliner

Ани Лорак прокомментировала авиакатастрофу российского лайнера

The other day there was a terrible disaster – the plane fell with the Russian and Ukrainian tourists, informs

About 200 people were killed.

The tragedy shocked the whole world, Russian and Ukrainian celebrities have expressed their condolences to the families of the victims in social networks.

Are unable to be silent and Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak.

In her post, the singer wished all to love and appreciate each other right now, because life is short and nobody knows at what point it will break.

Also lorac urged to cherish every passing moment of his life.

At the end of a celebrity wished the bereaved families have the strength to survive bereavement.

Carolina fans joined in, she said, noting that such a tragedy cannot leave anyone indifferent.

“Kharkiv mourns! Sorry!”, “Sorry…we’re with you!” “Minsk is with you! There are no words”, “I Sympathize heartily. Petersburg, Belarus you shared the pain of loss,” expressed condolences on the occasion of the tragedy liner fans of Ani Lorak.

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