Andrey Malakhov — biography, photos

Андрей Малахов — биография, фотографии

Born Andrey Malakhov on January 11, 1972 in Murmansk region, in Apatity. He was a late child, so very loved and welcome. As a child he studied music. Graduated from school with silver medal. He entered the Moscow state University on journalism faculty.

Андрей Малахов — биография, фотографии

During training, he was sent to training in the USA, to Michigan, where he lived for a year and a half.

Андрей Малахов — биография, фотографии

In addition, Andrew led the program “Style” on the radio. And his finally noticed and took a job as a correspondent on channel one. One day, when all wheel drive was on vacation, tried to put a leading “Good morning”, and since 1996 he became a regular presenter of “Good morning”. In addition, Malakhov in 1998 arrives at the RSUH at the faculty of law.

Андрей Малахов — биография, фотографии

Since 2001, the life of Andrew begins a new period. In the ether there is a “Big wash” where he attracted a huge audience and demonstrates your sparkling professionalism. Malakhov instantly becomes one of the most successful entertainers, and the most stylish leading. Since February 2004 he is leading the hit parade “Golden gramophone” and “Five evenings”.

All his projects have become his calling card, his signature style and has been praised and criticized, but the main thing that I noticed. Malakhov and soon became known as the face of channel. All different ways it is treated, but the fact is fact – on our screen it unique. Of course, in the future there will be people who will copy his style, and maybe change a little, but his advantage is that he became the first without being afraid of criticism, no labels.

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