Aleksandr Polovtsev is preparing for the wedding

Александр Половцев готовится к свадьбе

Star of TV series “Streets of broken lanterns” Alexander Polovtsev is preparing for a major change in his life, informs

The other day, Alexander said that will soon legalize their relationship with a young lover.

Comans and his wife Alexandra lived together for 7 years.

During this time, the actor repeatedly made the girl a proposal and even refused.

Moreover, the lovers for some time parted, but then got back together.

According to polovtseva, lush, no wedding, they just sign for it, because Alexander doesn’t like unnecessary fuss.

Oddly enough, the former wife of actor Julia Sobolevskaya maintains a good relationship with his current passion.

From his marriage with Julia from polovtseva there is a 24-year-old son Stepan.

After 5 months, Alexander will once again feel in the role of the father.

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