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Беременная Агата Муцениеце впервые вышла в светPaul Priluchny, along with his wife who has to give birth in a couple of weeks, visited the premiere of the final season of the series “Kitchen”.

Recently Agatha Mulenze rarely seen at social events. The actress is nine months pregnant and trying not to leave home without urgent need. But for CTC, which held a presentation of the spring season at the “Moscow” cinema, Agatha made an exception. The actress was accompanied by her husband Paul Priluchny, for a couple of days flown in from St. Petersburg, where he starred in the second season of the series “Major”. Despite the tight shooting schedule, Paul escaped to the capital to congratulate my lovely wife a happy birthday. For the release of Agatha has chosen a convenient flesh-colored pants, comfortable shoes on a small platform and a loose blouse, emphasizing the impressive size tummy. Muceniece willingly posed for photographers, obviously hungry for media attention.

The main event of the evening was the showing of the first episodes of the final season of “Kitchen”. Before the premiere came on the stage all the stars audience favorite sitcom: Elena Armin van Buuren, mark Bogatyrev, Sergei Lavygin, Valery Fedorovich, Nikita Tarasov, Elena Ksenofontova, Ekaterina Kuznetsova, Maria Gorban, Michael Bashkatov, Viktor Horinyak and others.

In addition, the producers of the STS shared plans. So, soon on the screens will be a spin-off of “Kitchen” series “Hotel” (working title. — Approx. ed.), narrating the life of “Eleon”, in which events unfold “Kitchen” for the past two seasons. The plot lies this hotel theme. Of the characters in “Kitchen” in the new project will be the chef Senia (Sergei Lavygin), a pair of Kostya and Nastya (Viktor Horinyak and Olga Kuzmina), as well as managing Michael Djekovic (Gregory there). Shooting a new project will begin soon and the premiere is scheduled for autumn 2016.

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