Actor Yevgeny Tsyganov decided to do business

Актер Евгений Цыганов решил заняться бизнесом

Popular actor and father of many children Yevgeny Tsyganov decided to do business, despite the fact that, as an actor, he earns pretty well, informs

Apparently, to do business Tsyganov decided to spoil their children.

As we know, Yevgeny their children in what does not deny.

He has many times in the Crimea on the set and drew attention to growing in those places unusual tree – sweet retreat.

This plant of the family krushinovoj has a unique feature – it removes pohmele-withdrawal syndrome.

According to experts, this can be a good to earn.

Here Eugene and decided to engage in the cultivation of this tree.

While he tries to find out the possibility of growing this candy plants on an industrial scale in Russia.

Recall that Yevgeny Tsyganov was married to actress Irina Leonova, who gave him as many as seven children.

However, this did not prevent the actor to leave his wife and start living with Yuliya Snigir, who recently gave birth to a son Fyodor.

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