Actor Valery Nikolaev face arrest. For 15 days!

Актеру Валерию Николаеву грозит арест. На 15 суток!The star of the film “burzhuj’s birthday” has arrived in the courthouse.

Valery Nikolaev was again in the spotlight. And it seems, this time the actor is really serious problem…

February 25, driving along Chistoprudny Boulevard, on a crosswalk artist brought down 54-the summer woman. And didn’t even stop.

Either scared, or was drunk (this version is also now checked the result), but Nikolaev fled the scene of an accident on your Subaru.

On the mountain actor, witnesses were enough. His car was wanted, so after a few hours of Nikolaev was detained. I must say, and this did not happen immediately!

In the time of persecution, the actor ignored the demands of law enforcement to pull over and shut of the engine. So he managed to keep just using spike strips, stretched on the road!.. The actor crashed on the way to a few cars, one of which, incidentally, was a COP.

Rights he was not with them. It is no wonder that the police immediately put the man in his car and drove to where it should be.

Nikolaev now looking at at least 15 days of arrest. But the circumstances of the incident have just started to find out! Interviewed the victim, witnesses… If everything is confirmed, the star could face the real life.

Meanwhile, the victim already is giving comments to journalists.

“I lie all dirty, then she got up on all fours herself and moved to the opposite side. He couldn’t be around me, he looked as I’m on my knees gonna cross the street, and then unhappy with the tone asked: “Well? To the hospital go?“ – told jendela “StarHit”. — At least held out his hand, helped. If humanly it was, I would even the ambulance didn’t go.”

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