“About love”, “Battalion” and other nominees for film award “Nika”

"Про любовь", "Батальонъ" и другие номинанты на кинопремию "Ника"

Became known contenders for the oldest national movie awards “Nika”. To win in the main nomination “the Best film” there are six Russian films: “Battalion” Dmitry Meshieva, “Battle for Sevastopol” by Sergey mokritskiy, “the End of a great era” Stanislav Govorukhin”, “dear Hans, dear Peter” by Alexander Mindadze, “About love” Anna Melikyan, “OZ” Vassily Sigarev.

Nominees in the category “Best Director” became Alexey Herman-younger (“Under electric clouds”), Anna Melikyan (“About love”), Vasily Sigarev (“Oz”) and Stanislav Govorukhin (“the End of a great era”).

"Про любовь", "Батальонъ" и другие номинанты на кинопремию "Ника"
The poster of the film “About love”

In the nomination “best screenplay” presents Yuri Arabs (“Orleans”), Alexander Mindadze (“dear Hans, dear Peter”), Alexey Fedorchenko (“Angels of revolution”).

In the category “Best actor” claimed Danila Kozlovsky (“Duhless-2”), Alexander Yatsenko (“insight”) and Oleg Yagodin.

"Про любовь", "Батальонъ" и другие номинанты на кинопремию "Ника"
Danila Kozlovsky

In the category “Best female role” – Irina Kupchenko (“the Teacher”), Julia Peresild (“Battle for Sevastopol”) and Yana Troyanova (“Oz”).

The honourable award “For honour and dignity”, which was named after Eldar Ryazanov, will be awarded to Alisa Freundlich. 29-I the award “Nika” will be presented April 1 at the Musical theatre of folklore of Nadezhda Babkina.

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