9-year-old karate girl, by Mahiro Takano: new star of the clip of the singer Sia

Australian singer Sia has released a touching video for the song Alive. In the new video 13-year-old dancer Maddie Ziegler has replaced the little Japanese girl, karate girl by Mahiro Takano.

It should be noted that Sia had not once incurred the wrath of the public: many have criticized the singer for what she removes the clips very young dancers, and was even accused of promoting pedophilia. However, the performer that does not stop, she continues to produce videos with girls in main roles, ignoring criticism completely and surrendering to the art.

Stills from video

Song Alive will enter the Studio album, This Is Acting, which will be released on January 29 next year. 9-year-old by Mahiro Takano Sia found on the Net. The singer has seen on video sharing viral videos with a little karate girl. In roller girl practiced martial arts. The singer and songwriter got in touch with the young talent and offered her a role in his new clip.

Recall that in January the public was outraged by Sia clip for the song Elastic Heart, where the main actors are notorious actor Shia LaBeouf and 13-year-old Maddie Ziegler. The plot of the video the artists are dressed in underwear flesh color, dance and perform stunts in a huge cage. Many viewers criticized the video, seeing in it something obscene.

The singer responded to the attacks by critics in his microblog:

I want to apologize to all those touched my clip. I wanted to create an emotional video, and not to upset anyone. All I can say is that the Shia and Maddie are the only actors who could have played in this clip.

After the third clip Sia with a young dancer Ziegler in the lead role also there was a scandal.

Despite all the accusations, one cannot ignore the fact that Sia has made Maddie Ziegler who the real star: the girl signed advertising contracts one after another and starred in glossy magazines.

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